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Welcome To Our Home Page
Hello and welcome to our website. Independence Ranch is located in central Wisconsin. We have been in business since 1995. Browse our site. Feel free to contact us. We love to talk WHITETAILS!
Site Updates
This summer has been a fun year for antler development. We have 2 yr olds out of "THE DEER THAT FELL FROM THE SKY" bloodline. Gambler is our pride this year. He is surpassing his father DEKE and his grandfather PEGASUS at the same age of 2.
This is GAMBLER at 2

ATTENTION!!! 5 % of ALL sales of our deer go to the fight against MS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.

When viewing this site keep in mind these pictures were taken the first of August. Our deer dont usually finish growing until the first week of Sept or later. Pictures are not to be reproduced or used in any way. ATTENTION!!!! ARE YOU A MEMBER OF YOUR STATE DEER ORG? IF NOT JOIN NOW!
To join Whitetails of Wisconsin contact us or email to Dick Busha at